The Juventus Star Bonucci Will Join Ajax This Summer

Juventus Star Bonucci

The defensive lion of the Italian national team, Leonardo Bonucci is starting to show obvious signs of weakness at the age of 36.

Repeatedly last season at Juventus, Federico Gatti’s physical strength was prioritized over Bonucci’s experience and Bremer briefly replaced him at the heart of manager Massimiliano Allegri’s three-man defence.

Bonucci was also not selected for Juventus’ pre-season tour of America this summer. He is officially out of the club project but stubbornly does not give up.

There are two main reasons why Bonucci is not considered part of Juventus’ plans going forward. That is the physical and mental decline the athlete has undergone in the past year.

The Juventus number 19 finds himself in an unreal situation. His contract expires in June 2024 but it seems he has no intention of leaving Juventus.

The only official offer received was from Sampdoria in Serie B but was surprisingly rejected by the player, who wants to leave football at the top of the list of most capped players for the Italian national team.

Bonucci wants to reach Italian football icon Paolo Maldini and possibly overtake him in Italy’s all-time rankings, but if he wants to do that, he won’t be able to experience another negative season like the one before him at Juventus.

Overtaking Maldini is a historic, prestigious goal that Bonucci absolutely wants to reach but in order to do so, he will have to leave Juventus.

Bonucci Professional Career:

Bonucci is at a crossroads in his career. Even his former mental coach Alberto Ferrarini, whose professional relationship broke off immediately after the success of the 2020 European Championship final, expressed in a Facebook video the need for an immediate transfer for the Italian captain.

Bonucci’s personality is extraordinary but his physique is not what it was two or three years ago. He has seen a huge drop in form and is still suffering a lot from the treatment he received at Juventus, a club for which he made 502 appearances, becoming the sixth-best appearance-maker in his history.

According to a trusted source, in previous days the possibility has been more of seeing Bonucci will going to Ajax, After bidding farewell to Dusan Tadic, the Dutch giants searching for a charismatic leader.

Alessandro Lucci agent of Bonucci is researching the market and potential interest, but the Juventus captain’s age makes everything more complicated. It will also be necessary to assess what Juventus’ intentions are.

Will Juventus Allow Him To Leave?

The Italian club could decide not to release him for free in which case Ajax would have to make another financial commitment. The Juventus Captain at Ajax will again be the protagonist and he will have a season as a fresh capable of playing in a league less stressful than the Italian League.

In an interview with Tuttosport, ex-Ajax star Rudi Kroll spoke about the options available to Bonucci. He said: ‘Ajax have a very young squad and I think Leonardo Bonucci, a level, and experienced player, can act as a mentor to the young players.

The Dutch had a legendary career and from the outside, and more chance he would end up his career at Juventus, where he won everything. Surely he can be decisive in Ajax but it depends on him. I don’t know if he wants to do it or not, he has to decide whether to go abroad or continue playing at home.

So player’s decision is set to determine how the final years of his career will play out, Bonucci now has to make a huge call on his future.