Chelsea About The Dream Transfer of Mbappe and Kane

Kylian Mbbape

Only Thomas Tuchel has seen Kylian Mbappe score more goals than Mauricio Pochettino. The German also managed 23 more games in his time at Paris Saint-Germain where Mbappe was in the team, both of his records are remarkable.

Four months after his 25th birthday, he still has 244 career goals and 125 assists in 325 games. His output is almost unmatched at a career rate of 1.13 contributions per game, surpassed only by fellow goal-scoring monsters Erling Holland, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi.

Under Pochettino that rate stood at 1.34 goal contributions per game, an astonishing amount to carry over 18 months. Tuchel’s final score was 1.31.

For all the talk of tussles between the front three – that forced Chelsea’s new boss to retool his high-pressing approach to accommodate three off-ball passengers but technical and output demons.

The goalscoring results are staggering, even for the much-maligned and dubious French league.

Chelsea English Premier League Club Want A Top Striker:

Chelsea needs a striker and the French attacker is certainly one of the best around. Pochettino is a big fan of him as well.

It’s difficult for him to distinguish between the moments in the game when he has to take a risk and when he shouldn’t.

He does not enjoy the company of his teammates unless he is in the defensive third of the pitch, as he needs space to make the most of his strength.

He continued: “Kelyn doesn’t enjoy having the ball, he only enjoys when he can run and finish. He’s a fast player who has to see a rabbit in front of him to catch it.

Only months ago he was already asked about the possibility of Mbappe playing at the Santiago Bernabeu. My view is that PSG has done everything possible to keep Kylian and I agree with that,” he told Infobi.

Will Kylian Mabppe Going to Chelsea?

The people who rule, in this case, the president, are the ones who would have thought that the easiest thing to do at the club was a new project.

A lot of personalities are sharing moments in the dressing room. That’s been one of the most positive things, being able to meet them and compete in those situations.”

He went on to say that although Mbappe has specific positional demands, reports suggest he does not want to play as a central striker and prefers a left-back position, but these were not difficult to manage.

He is 23 years old and has already won the World Cup. He’s an amazing talent, but the problem is that sometimes you need to hold your own. We are talking about one of the top three.

There are five best players in the world and it is not easy for him to handle himself because he is not mature enough, he is still a child.

But I think he’s doing well and sometimes people talk too much but he’s not.”

His description of Mbappe once again caught the eye but should not be taken out of context. He has also been very open about his maturity and interest in the game. “Cylin loves football, he loves talking about football,” Pochettino told The Guardian in 2021.

He asks about England, how is the game, mentality, and culture there. He is only 22 but very mature, confident in his abilities, and open-hearted. He can speak French of course, but also English and Spanish. I speak with him in English and Spanish – more English than Spanish.

I said to him the other day: ‘I need to practice my French with you to improve,’ and he said: ‘Sure, but it’s better for me to speak in English.’ He likes to practice different languages.

Harry Kane is going to Manchester United or Chelsea?

Kane is guy who needs to feel connected to the game,” he wrote for The Athletic during the World Cup. “But Kylan is the opposite. If he doesn’t touch the ball, he is comfortable. He has so much confidence in himself, he knows that when the ball comes to him, he will still beat his opponent and do what he knows best.

They tend to focus more on spectacular goals or actions. But Kylan likes to talk about strategy and understand the game. That’s what unites Harry and Kylan.

Sometimes, big players like to play football but they don’t like the game itself. But both of them genuinely love the game itself. They like to talk about football, they like to talk about strategy, they have minds that really understand football.”

He added that he wants to see the duo’s dream team on the same pitch for the same team.

They will be completely compatible. The connection will be amazing, and both can share ideas about strategy and movement.