Cristiano Ronaldo All 16 Goals for Saudi Club Al Nassr 2023

Greatest of all time, The GOAT”, who moved to Saudi Arabia at the end of 2022 after being forced out of Manchester United, finished the season with 14 goals and two assists.

At third-placed Al Hilal having worked alongside father Ramon and briefly taken over as caretaker boss, it was the Mr Champion league’s first experience of performance in Asia.

He was scathing in his review of Ronaldo’s first six months at Al-Nassr Diaz said, telling in an interview. He had a tough time, we faced CR7 and had a good time.

I saw they were talking about him in the dressing room, he scored three or four goals for smaller clubs, and Al- Nassr lost the King’s Cup, lost the Super Cup, and the tournament.

Ronaldo may be joined by arch-rival Lionel Messi in the Gulf state in the near future. As he approaches free agency with Paris Saint-Germain just around the corner, Al Hilal is poised to land a record-breaking deal for the Argentine.

There is no comparison. I went to see Messi at the World Cup and we met less than three months ago a. We’re talking about light years of comparison.

No comparison but the numbers back him up, he’s a beast. But there is no comparison of Leo’s level of quality.

Cristiano Ronaldo Send Message:

All-time best goal soccer in the history of football CR7 welcomes all new young talented players who are interested in moving to Saudi Arabia.

They are welcome in deep hearts If they want to come, big star footballers and big names, young footballers, ‘old experienced players. The league will improve further, he said that if and when that happens.

The Goal soccer machine further confirmed that he will continue at Al Nassr for next season. Talked about the Saudi League in general and he said this when he shared his experience on the pitch.

Experience About Saudi Pro League:

The SPL is a very good league and I think we still have many money and opportunity to improve it more. We have good Arab players but they need to improve a bit more.

I want to continue here my career because I’m happy here. If they continue to do the best things that they want to do here, for the next five years, My expectation was low but to be honest I was hoping to win something this year.

In the last five or six months, we have improved a lot. if you believe and you think it’s your goal It takes time sometimes but, everything is possible. He said that he is the thing that the situation will improve in the future.

He reveals that ‘living in the Arab capital country is great if you want to come here, have a piece, see a great culture, eat hilal food’.

So, he believes that Riyadh, the Saudi capital, has some of the best quality restaurants he has seen.

I love seeing different things, trying different things and that’s why I’m here. The next trip I want to see is Alola,” Ronaldo said, “I want to go because I know it’s very beautiful and we travel all over the country, you see a lot of nice places.

In a final message to his die-hard fans around the world, Cristiano Said: Thank you so much for giving me a lot of support here every day. But obviously, out on the streets and in the places I go. But again, I’m welcome. Thank you for doing it, and I’ll do my best while I’m here.