How Women Are Preparing Themselves For Women World Cup?

How Women Are Preparing Themselves For Women World Cup

Lionesses Ella Toon, Jess Carter, Bethany England and Esme Morgan talk about how they’ve improved as players over the past year.

After scoring in the Euro 2022 final against Germany at Wembley, Toon has continued to flourish in the 12 months since that famous win.

She added two more trophies to her cabinet with England: the Arnold Clarke Cup and the women’s final. She also scored and reached his first domestic cup final with Manchester United.

Something I really learned a lot from and it made me hungry to go and achieve even more and for me, playing at Wembley in our first FA Cup Final was huge. Every day in training, you give 100 percent to be the best player you can be.

Midfielder Is Prepared For New challenge:

I’m always trying to work on technical stuff. But also developing my strengths and weaknesses.

“I’ve worked a lot this year to use my body better, get into the pockets and make better decisions in the last third. I’ll keep trying to work on those little things and hopefully they will help in the World Cup.” ”

It will be only the second big tournament for Toone. But a completely different perspective from last summer’s Euro.

There will definitely be some barriers and some things that will make it difficult to be away from home for that long.

“We are up against even tougher opponents, but we are excited to get out there and go through with it all. And make sure that when we’re there, we look out for each other.

England Women Squad:

They are guaranteed to be included in Sarina Wiegman’s World Cup squad and many other good players also. There were many who had to fight for their position, like the striker for Tottenham, England.

His move in January to Spurs from Chelsea for a British record fee was, in part, to try to make the World Cup squad, having also been part of the Euro-winning team.

At first, it was completely different. I had never been in a relegation battle before so it was a first for me. When you know you have something to lose, it’s harder not to let the emotional side get to you.

How She Learn:

It was fighting day to day while at Chelsea you are so used to being in a position where you are winning that you haven’t felt like this in a long time.

Leading from the front, I had to try and make things happen a lot more, and obviously, I didn’t have as much of the ball as I used to.” have it

People would say it was worth it for me, but ultimately I think if I had stayed where I was, sitting on the bench, I would never be here today.

I hope it helps me [in the World Cup] in terms of being able to add goals for the team. I think that’s first and foremost my job as a striker and I want to get the ball into the net however it comes in.

They know I can already bring that to this team and hopefully, I’m in a position where I can help show that.

Chelsea defender Carter:

How Women Are Preparing Themselves For Women World Cup

Carter has found himself maintaining a regular presence in the England squad since last summer’s Euros, but admitted he found the start of the 2022/23 season difficult as he battled for a permanent starting role.

I didn’t go into the season in the best form or in the best form because I didn’t play, I wasn’t match fit when the season came around, so actually, it was very slow to my, She said: “Personally, coming out of the Euros.

I didn’t really play until just before Christmas, so it was really a challenge to go from Euro to the season, but I gradually managed to recover and help Chelsea throughout the season.

To be honest, I didn’t handle it very well at the beginning, but I think I just had to try to figure out quickly what I needed to do to get back fit and fresh. It came with having open honest talks with England and my club about how could do that.

Man City defender Morgan:

Morgan will experience his first major tournament this summer, having become a staple on Wiegman’s team in recent months.

So it was just finding ways day by day in training to try to stay on task, be consistent, review games and find small areas where I can improve.

Morgan Said:

I’ve learned a lot from being in camps because I think it’s just another level when you’re surrounded by the best of your country, other countries, and who you’re playing against. I think the Australia game, I learned a lot from them in terms of my preparation and mentality.

She has taken many pressure like a pressure cooker environment, from England following their Euro win with many expecting great things.

She said: internally, you’re not really aware of these things. I always think about when you’re in the team and you’re just training and playing day to day. A lot of the external narrative doesn’t kind of get into the group and that’s how I feel.

We are not too focused on what we want to achieve and we all seem to be very relaxed. We want to do well, but we are very aware that there are many very talented teams that have the same aspirations as us,

That the women who went to Euros last year have is going to be so vital once they get into the competition and the noise gets even louder.